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Juneau Whale Watching-Wildlife Viewing

whale watching in Juneau
whale watching Juneau Alaska

Whale Watching Juneau


Our 2 1/2 hr Private Whale Watching Excursions:

We will see whales 100% guaranteed!!!!!   The Humpback whale is very prevalent in the waters around Juneau in the months between April through November.  You may also see sea otters, harbor seals, Stellar sea lions, Bald eagles and numerous other migrating sea birds.  Killer or Orca whales will often make an appearance as they cruise through the waters hunting for prey. Dahl porpoise pods are frequent visitors as well. 


Since there is a strict six passenger limit you will be free to move around the deck without having to wait your turn or having other passengers blocking your view, thus ensuring you get the perfect shot of the whales on your Juneau whale watching excursion.

Juneau whale watching
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