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Fishing in Juneau Alaska for Salmon and Halibut

Juneau fishing

Juneau Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charter Trips

We offer 1/2, 3/4 and full day private fishing charters targeting halibut, rockfish, and the specific type of Pacific salmon that is in season.  See the chart below for the run times of the different salmon species.

Included with all Halibut charters and Salmon charters is the use of rod and reel, all terminal tackle, and bait.  On full and 3/4 day fishing charters a complete lunch is provided.  On 1/2 day fishing charters a snack is provided.  Included in all charters are pop and water.  At the end of the day we will clean your catch and arrange processing and shipping.

Pacific Salmon Run Times for Juneau Alaska

Chinook (King) Salmon are fully mature salmon that are returning to the area to spawn.  These fish average 20-25 lbs. and arrive in large numbers.  Kings are the largest in the salmon family and can grow to over 70lbs. 

Feeder King Salmon are not returning to the area to spawn.  These are immature fish that are simply following baitfish and schools of other salmon.  They are not as numerous as the Kings, and typically are smaller than a mature King.  Most are under 20lbs.   

Pink Salmon start showing up in late June.  These are the smallest of our salmon, 3 to 6 lbs, but also the most numerous.  For their size, Pinks are considered great fighters.  They taste great canned.

Silver salmon arrive in vast numbers by the middle of July and provide excellent action.  Silver salmon can reach weights of over 20 lbs.  These salmon are surface fighters, making magnificent jumps when hooked.  They are some of the best eating salmon. 

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